6 Strategies to Help You Overcome Worry

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The LORD will fight for you, you need only to be still.  Exodus 14:14

This verse in Exodus is a great reminder for us to stop worrrying, and stressing, and becoming anxious over everything that has, is, or could happen in our lives.

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Isn’t it true that we sometimes stress ourselves sick over events that may or may not even be relevant to anything directly important to us or the people around us?  Isn’t it true that we sometimes lay awake hours into the night biting our nails, worrying and wondering how the next day will play out?

But why?  Why are we so inclined to wreck our brains over things we can’t even control?  Why do we have so much faith in worrying?  For some completely twisted reason we have started to believe that if we worry enough, then things will maybe work out.  If we worry enough, maybe it’ll fix everything.

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Does it?  No.  Worrying never solves anything.  It’s a useless method we have latched ourselves on to like infants dying of hunger.  And yet, instead of feeding us the nutrients we so desire, worry fills us with toxins and chemicals that deteriorate us into paranoid, anxious-filled souls, who instead of being cured of worry are only pumped full of more, till the point where we become addicted and start to believe it’s something we need.

Then we further convince ourselves that we like the way that worrying makes us feel.  Somehow, the thrill of the horrible events we imagine, gives us an adrenaline rush that keeps us going until we can concoct another horrible event.

And all this, for what?  Frankly, I don’t know what to write at this point.  None of the sentences I’ve written above can possibly register into my brain and form an answer as to why worrying is worth all the trouble.

Yet somehow, everyone keeps doing it.  Even after hearing about all the things worry does to our health, both mental and physical.  Even after all the knots the masseuse kneads out of our necks, time and time again, and after all the books, the sermons, and the self-help leaflets we’ve read.

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We don’t listen.  We don’t want to.  Worry has become our close friend, and we don’t want to hear about the awful lies it has been telling us.  Betrayal is one of the worst things that can be done to anyone, and if we would have to admit that it was in fact, we ourselves that did the betraying to our own bodies, well, that’s just the next worst thing.

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When you read the verse posted above, how does it make you feel?  Calm?  Relieved?  Or do you feel guilty because there’s a little voice that’s saying, “Wait, what?  You mean to tell me that all this time, I could have put my trust in God, and you didn’t even think to mention it to me?”  That little voice is you, realizing that you put yourself in “self-destruct” mode without even thinking about it.

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It’s sad, really.  Mostly because everyone on the planet is responsible for this “self-sabotaging act”, but also because no one really realizes that they’ve fallen into their own trap before it was too late.

It’s hard to get out of a trap that’s as deadly as worry.  And to be honest, I don’t know if you can ever competely rid yourself of it.  We live in an imperfect world with imperfect people.  We learn to forgive them, and we should learn to forgive ourselves, too.

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But, to bring at least some ray of hope into your life, there’s things you can do to make it easier on your mind to stay away from worry.  And below you’ll find some strategies that I believe are useful.

1. Start Your Day with Prayer

Not just start, but continuously send up small declarations of gratefulness or requests for things that may be worrying you.  Ask God to take away the worry, the stress, and ask Him to help you believe in Him more than you believe in all the bad scenarios playing in your head.

2. Focus on Your Purpose

We all have one.  And it can differ somewhat from one day to the next.  Maybe it’s doing the dishes, or doing laundry, or baking bread.  Maybe it’s something else entirely, but try to focus on what you do, whether it’s sitting in an office all day or changing diapers all day.  It’s all worth something, and if you put your time and energy into doing your total best, you won’t be preoccupied worrying about what could all go wrong.

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3. Don’t Google Symptoms

Ever!  If you feel like you may be having symptoms of a cold, don’t google it.  Why?  Because you will leave the search engine thinking you have only five days left to live.  Trust God, go to your family doctor, take some Vitamin C.  But don’t freak out and go to the internet.  It will only make things worse!

4.  Stay Positive

I know it’s hard.  I know sometimes it’s even unrelistic.  That’s why we have a thing we can enforce called balance.  Don’t be unrealistic with your positivity, but the same goes for your negativity. The compromise? The beautiful term: Realist.

But don’t ever give up, even when it sometimes seems like there is no way out.

5.  Have Faith

Feeling unrealistic fear is easy, but getting rid of it?  Have you ever tried to rid your dog of fleas by pulling them out?  Yeah, it’s like that.  Fear is created by worry.  So, whenever you feel that small, black, unrelenting flea getting a hold of you, imagine God as your shield.  Believe, trust, and have faith that he will keep you safe, and the flea will, well, flee.

6.  Believe in Yourself

I feel like I’m almost repeating myself, because if you believe in yourself, you’re technically believing in God and the abilities He put in you.  It’s okay to believe in yourself.  It’s not selfish.  You’re being grateful and using the tools and necessities God has equipped you with to fight off the bad, the worse, and the worry.

These strategies may be simple, normal even.  They may not “cure” you of the poison of worry, but they should help you overcome many of its symptoms.  And if you can stay consistent with it your whole life, you may look back and think, “Huh, I haven’t worried in the longest time…”

Stop thinking that God is incapable.  I know that bad things still happen, but God will never leave your side, He will always help you fight your battles, but only if you let Him, and stop worrying about it.

6 Strategies to Help You Overcome Worry

6 Strategies to Help You Overcome Worry

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