5 Benefits You Get From Going Through Hard Times

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Sometimes we are taken into troubled waters not to drown but to be cleansed.

We like making things easier on ourselves. We obsess with making things better, bigger, and faster. But when we see how productive our findings are, we’re not satisfied or content. We continue to obsess about making it even better, even bigger, and even faster.

When things go our way, we rejoice! When things get hard, we grieve! We live in a day and age where life just keeps getting more stressful, so it’s natural for us to feel this way. Doesn’t make it right. Doesn’t make it better. It does however, make it worse.

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The more we try to resist life’s many battles, the more it branches out into all areas of our lives. We not only resist life’s battles, we also resist the benefits these battles can bring.

We are busy and stressed, yes. But hating the fact that hard times are inevitable won’t make them go away. It’s normal for us to feel this way, but having a pain free life is not. There’s only one way to get that perfect life we dream of.. And the day that that’s going to happen, is the day that God comes back for His children.

It sounds depressing, really, but it’s actually supposed to be comforting. Crazy? Probably. But what isn’t? If we can’t avoid the difficulty, why can’t we embrace it? Why can’t we open our clammed up minds just this | | much so we can realize that maybe, just maybe, we go through these hard times to learn something.

It’s hard to think this way. It’s hard to live this way. Basically everything in this life is hard. And honestly, I’m glad. I’m glad that there is always room to improve. I’m glad we get the opportunity to learn and to grow, even when it hurts. If we were perfect, well, then we wouldn’t be here, and we wouldn’t get to experience all the good times in our lives.

My point is, life’s hard lessons may actually help you achieve your dreams.

And the way that these lessons do that is listed below.

1. Humility

Have you ever stabbed your toe at the end of the table right after feeling proud of yourself? It’s a pretty good example for this, although many of the hard times I know some of you must have gone through have been a lot worse, and a lot more humbling than stabbing your toe.

2. Compassion

Going through something difficult is, well, difficult. But when you think about how many people you can help who might be going through the same thing later on your life, really helps you get through it.

3. Endurance

Some people get a bigger load of difficult than others. And I always like to think that those people are made for greatness, because if you get through whatever it is you’re going through and come out stronger rather than weaker, you’ve got it made.

4. Patience

If you haven’t already checked out my post on patience, do so now. It gives you a list of benefits that patience carries with it, and if going through hard times can get you more of that patience, it’s worth it.

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5. A Longing for Heaven

When life is good, your longing for heaven starts to cool down some. That’s why hard times can get that fire going again, actually making us long for that glorious day.

And there you have it. Hard times are technically good/helpful times. That’s when we learn, that’s when we grow, that’s when we are humbled and opened to new and different possibilities. That’s when things change..for better or for worse.

How can you be certain that it will be for the better? It’s all in your head!

I’m thankful for my struggle because without it, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.

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