Let’s Blame God (so we don’t have to blame ourselves)

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Earthquake destroy a city? Blame God.

Hurricane flood thousands of homes? Blame God.

Wildfire taking over more and more nature? Blame God.

Disease taking more loved ones? Blame God.

Lose your job? Blame God.

Lose your friends? Blame God.

Really though, how is any of the tragedy in this world our fault? We always took care not to litter in the streets and put out all our bonfires.  We said the right things, and worked hard for a living.  Everyone tried to eat the right foods.  No one did anything to cause weather damage.  Most of us did all of it right!

We never wanted disaster to strike.  No one wanted disease and natural upheaval to bring grief into the lives of the world’s population. No one wanted things to turn out this way. So it can’t be our fault.

We lived our lives and made decisions, day in and day our (good decisions, too, or so we kept telling ourselves). We thought about the well-being of o…ourselves. Who can blame us though, right? That’s how everyone does it. We think of ourselves first, because it’s natural instinct. It’s a method of survival. It’s what keeps us going. Take care of yourself, so you can take care of others, right?

So how, oh how, can we possibly be to blame for the state the earth is in? It’s too harsh of a crime to take responsibility for. So, we turn to the God of all creation, the God who is supposed to be known for His loving kindness, patience, generosity. We turn to Him, and we ask Him, “Why? Why are You letting this happen to the good people of the world, the people You created in the first place, the people You supposedly care about?”

His answer (from my perspective)…

“I didn’t cause this to happen. When I created your race, I didn’t want to guilt or force you into following Me, so, I gave you a choice. Something that would allow you the freedom to make the decisions you thought were best. So before too long, you as a human race, decided to go according to your own desires, your own wants, not thinking about the consequences those wants might have on others later on in life.

Deep down you knew it was wrong and selfish, but your flesh told you to do it anyway because you deserved the best, no matter anyone else. So of course, you listened to your flesh. Time and time and time again. And now, here we are. Centuries stacked upon centuries later with decisions that have piled up into monstrous disasters and have made the world what it is today. So you see, it wasn’t My decision to let these bad things happen to you. It was yours.”

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