3 Facts to Help You Avoid Self-Destruction

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Hey there! So you’re not feeling it today. You haven’t been moved to try something different. You feel like you’re in a dead-end job and life just isn’t doing it for you anymore. You’re sitting at the TV every chance you get, because at least then you don’t need to think about everything you should be doing with your life but aren’t.

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Even if you would be thinking about your dreams, it’s not like you could actually accomplish them. Why? Because you don’t believe in yourself!I want to point out 3 facts that will hopefully change your mind and make you realize that everyone can change and grow in their life, no matter the obstacles, and hopefully these facts will convince you to avoid self-destruction in all its awfulness.

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1. People can Change at any Age

It’s true. Despite the saying you’ve heard about how ‘an old dog never learns new tricks’, you can change. If you think that you can’t change, you can’t. If you think that you can change, you can. It has nothing to do with age! It has everything to do with how your mind is set.

Just because you can’t get out of your chair as quickly as you once could, or because going to the grocery store is a hassle just because you have to get in and out of your car, doesn’t mean you can’t make the change you’ve always wanted to make. It may take some more patience, but having patience is a virtue.

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2. There is no ONE Solution to Procrastination

Now that you’ve decided that you in fact, can change, we hit our next fact about self-improvement. Procrastination. A word none of us like to hear, because we know we all have trouble with it. Procrastinating comes and goes in life, but for most of us, it just comes. You have goals and dreams you want to accomplish and yet, the remote to the TV is calling your name, the book you just bought is begging to be read, and the dog hasn’t been petted in a while…

You can do a hundred things just to avoid doing the one thing you should actually be doing. And for those hundred distractions, there’s also one hundred solutions. You can’t find just one answer to solve your problem with procrastination because everyone deals with putting things off in different ways. For one person, making a list does the trick. For the other, eliminating the distractions from the room altogether helps.

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Whatever it is, and whatever you’re dealing with, know that your situation is unique and find which method works for you. Don’t give up just because a method that worked for someone else didn’t work for you.

3. You Cannot Eradicate Fear

Ah, fear. Another thing that everyone deals with. Whether you have a fear for eight legged creatures or whether you’re shaking in your chair at work because you saw the boss headed your way, fear is a factor in everyone’s life, and you cannot eliminate it. Which is in fact, a good thing. Fear helps keep the world under control so it doesn’t go into complete chaos.

However, if you let fear control your dreams in life, you’ll never get anywhere. There is a time and place for fear, and it’s not in your goals. The one question you need to ask yourself is this: “Is the goal I have physically possible?” If the answer is yes, then go for it. Don’t factor in the fear or doubts you have of everything going wrong. Just go for it! If it doesn’t work out the way you thought it would, at least you tried.

If people had never dealt with the fear in their hearts and just taken a leap of faith, imagine the world we’d live in today. No electricity, no cars, no buildings as tall as Mt. Rushmore. No Mt. Rushmore. We might be extinct if it weren’t for people brave enough to follow their dreams.

The point I’m trying to make today is this: If you don’t deal with your fear and believe in yourself for once, the world could miss something great that you personally would’ve given it!

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