6 Things You Can Do that will Jumpstart Your Health

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In my last post, I mentioned why leading a healthy lifestyle was so crucial.

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Now I wanted to share with you what exactly has helped me to jumpstart that healthy lifestyle. I’m no expert, but I am passionate about creating a healthier version of myself and helping you do the same.

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To say that being healthy feels better than any junk food binge would be an understatemeent. I know that this can satisfy you for awhile, but we both know in the end you’ll feel worse than before.

Leading a healthy lifestyle, however, makes you feel great all the time. Well, you’ll have your down days of course, that’s inevitable, but in the long run, you’ll appreciate yourself for doing it more.

Below I’ve listed the things I’ve done to keep myself on track. Hopefully there’s something in there that will inspire you and help you along the way!

1. Change your mindset

Don’t do this because you hate the way your body looks. Do this to show your body love. Working out because you despise yourself for having a donut is the wrong way to work out. Do it do make your body feel better, healthier, and more energized.

Hating your body now, won’t make you love your body once it’s fit and toned. Learn to appreciate your body with all its flaws and imperfections, otherwise you’ll never be satisfied even when it looks the way you wanted it to look in the first place.

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2. Get rid of all the junk food

All of it! It’s not worth it to have a shelf dedicated to chocolate if it will tempt you day in and day out. Throw it all out or donate it or do anything but eat it all.

3. Go grocery shopping

Now that you have an extra shelf in the pantry (and hopefully in your fridge as well) go shopping for the healthiest stuff you can find. Figure out how to use it in recipes so that it’ll actually taste good, because if you don’t, you’ll quickly get tired of eating clean. And you don’t want that.

4. Detox

Whether it’s a 3 day juice detox, a natural drink you take every morning, or a full blast cleanse of your whole body, do one. It will rid your body of toxins, raise its metabolism, help with high blood pressure, and so on. In my opinion, it’s a great way to start your journey. Find a plan that works for you and do it!

5. Start an exercise program.

Whatever interests you, make a plan for it, say for 8 weeks, stick it out, and then make a new plan. This way you can track your progress and make those cute checkmarks after completing your workout. And don’t do something you absolutely hate doing. Find something you’ll actually enjoy in the long run.

6. Don’t quit

Remember, you’re human and it’s ok if you screw it up once in a while. That doesn’t mean everything’s gone down the drain. That only happens when you start to give up. Believe in yourself, in your body, and in your ability to do anything you set your mind to. And when there’s set backs, brush that shit off, get off your butt, hold your head up high, and fight just a little harder.

BONUS: Drinking tea is another great way to get in your nutrients. Just make sure they’re not too sugar laden.

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Basically, health and fitness start with the top three inches of your head. If you keep telling yourself how much you hate clean eating and working out every day, eventually you’ll cave and give up. Try keeping a positive mindset and think of all the things you’re going to gain, instead of all the things you’re going to lose.

You won’t regret treating your body with the respect it deserves. You won’t regret feeling light as air when you walk. You won’t regret being able to carry your three year old up twenty flights of stairs. The only thing you’re going to regret is not having started sooner!

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