My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

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You know how some people don’t like road-trips?  Well, I’m not one of them.  Not even after becoming a trucker’s wife (much to everyone’s surprise.  Like, what is it with that?  Why does everyone assume that trucking and being a trucker’s wife that goes along all the time is so unbelievably terrible?).

Okay, we’re getting a little off topic.  Anyway, I was challenged when my life was moved onto a moving truck, along with all my goals of being healthy.  Why?  Because I knew that there would be a limited amount of healthy snacks to chew on, and I didn’t even know where to begin.  I was also worried about all the main meals, but that’s a topic for a different day.

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But since I’ve been a trucker’s wife for the past 9 months now (I know it’s not that long yet, but still, I’ve learnt), I’ve gotten the opportunity to experiment with what works (for me, anyway) and what doesn’t.  I’ve found the healthy foods that I love taking with me.  And a lot of these snacks do not require refrigeration.  Some do, but I’ll provide you with the solution to that problem.

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Now before you freak out and say, “Well, my road-trips happen in a car, not an enormous truck,” I’ve modified it to work with all vehicles. 🙂

And I’ll start witht the non-refrigerated options.

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Nuts: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

One of the best things to eat when you’re trying to be healthy (in my opinion), are nuts.  They’ve got your healthy fat and your healthy protein, they’re fairly filling, and they taste pretty decent.

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Pecans
  • Walnuts

Dried Fruit

Dried Fruit: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

Honestly, I’ve hated dried fruit ever since I had taste buds.  But the dried fruits listed below are the ones I actually like to eat, so if you need a dose of carbs, these are the way to go.  They don’t take up a lot of space, they’re room temperature friendly, and they taste pretty great.

  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Craisins
  • Blueberries
  • Cherries

Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

Always good.  Fresh fruit is one of my favorite, favorite things to eat on any given day.  There is, however, a limited amount of fresh fruits that are suitable for the road.  (e.g. Citrus can’t be taken over the border, and it’s messy, just like kiwis and mangos.  Lots of other fruit requires refrigeration, which isn’t ideal in most situations either.)

But I’ve found some fruits that I’ve liked taking with me that are okay with no refrigeration for up to a week.

Like I said, the amount of fresh fruit is limited.  So if you have any more suggestions for fruit that can be stored at room temperature and is ideal for roadtrips, leave that suggestion in the comments. 🙂

  • Apples
  • Bananas
  • Nectarines

Granola Bars

Granola Bars: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

Now, a lot of granola bars have ingredients you can’t even pronounce and are loaded with way too much sugar.  So it’s hard to find the best kind.

So far, I’ve liked these types, because their ingredients are mostly healthy, they don’t cost a ton of money, and they taste good for the healthy snack they supposedly are.  Once again, if you’ve got any healthy favourites, granola bar wise, leave it in the comments!

  • Kashi
  • Nature Valley
  • KIND


Seeds: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-TripsMy trick to keeping the vehicle clean when snacking on seeds, is spitting the shells into an empty, disposable water bottle.  Then when you’re done, just screw on the lid and throw it into your garbage bag.

  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Pumpkin Seeds


Crackers/Pretzels: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-TripsGo for the whole wheat option every time with crackers or pretzels.  Check the ingredient list to make sure you’re not consuming like 20 different things.  And if you’re feeling a little splurgy, go for the organic option.

Now, I know that these can be a bit messy, especially if you’ve got kids, so they may not be the ideal snack for family road-trips.


Popcorn: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-TripsMicrowaved popcorn has been getting a bad rep for a while now, and that’s why I’ve found a way to take homemade air-popped popcorn with you on the road instead.

Here’s how.  Air-pop your popcorn, then lay it on a flat surface to cool, and then add it to a 1 serving sized ziploc bag (make sure all air is squeezed out of the bag).  Then just zip it shut, and it will keep for up to 2 weeks.

Adding salt and/or butter will quickly reduce its shelf life, so I don’t do it (and my husband likes the popcorn just so anyway), but if you can’t live without buttered popcorn, you can add it.

Okay, so the snacks listed below here need refrigeration.  And if you’re not on a truck with a mini fridge (and I mean MINI), then you may have run into a bit of a problem here.  But I have the solution.

There are these coolers that you can buy online.  (And I’ve put a link below this paragraph so you can follow it to see what I mean).  And the cooler that you’ll find in the link just needs a 12V to be plugged into (which all cars have.)  It doesn’t require a lot of space, it’s affordable, and it keeps your food cold (just like your fridge at home).  I’ve been eyeing one of these coolers for the longest time already, because like I said, a truck’s fridge has limited space.  Especially when all you’re trying to eat is healthy food, and you take along all your main meals as well.

Anyway, below are the snacks that require refrigeration (and can be stored in the cool cooler that I just left a link for above this paragraph.)



Vegetables: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-TripsVeggies may require some work before you leave on your trip.  Like carrots need to be peeled, celery sticks need the leaves cut off, and they all need to be washed.

And if you wash your vegetables (and I hope you do), then just pat them dry with a paper towel before you transfer them to a ziploc bag.  This prolongs their freshness.

  • Carrots
  • Celery Sticks
  • Mini Cucumbers


Cheese: My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-TripsAh, cheese!  Another favorite for me.  You can get string cheese or Baby Bels, which are ideal, because they’re already wrapped.  But if you don’t allow yourself this luxury, you can just cut your normal block of cheese into bite sized servings and throw it into your ziploc bag.

Little secret.  Ziploc bags are your best friend when you’re on the road!!!

I’ve also listed cottage cheese, because it tastes amazing, and it’s a great source of protein.  I like to add a little cream (okay, I add more than a little) and some salt and pepper.  Then I just add it to my small mason jars, and it’s ready to go.

Yogurt is another great way to go, especially when you choose the right kind.  How do you know if you’ve got the right kind?  Look for low sugar content, check for live cultures (trust me, it’s not gross, it’s just really good for your gut), and if you’re not against Greek yogurt, go for that option (more protein).

Plus, yogurt comes in these great small containers, and the only thing you have to take in addition to this snack, is a spoon. 🙂

  • String Cheese
  • Baby Bels
  • Cubed Cheese
  • Cottage Cheese
  • Yogurt

And there you have it.  My go-to snacks for whenever I’m on the road.  It’s taken pretty much up until now to get my “snack list” this long, because there was always something wrong with certain snacks.  (Too much sugar, too little protein, and whatever other reason you can come up with as to why you shouldn’t consume a certain snack).  But I figured this list had reached a significant length now, and I wanted to share it with you in case you needed some ideas.

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Also, again, if you have any other favorite healthy snacks you like to take with you on the road, leave them in the comments, because I can always use more ideas. 🙂

My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

My Go-To Healthy Snacks for Road-Trips

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  1. That first paragraph, same!! 😆 also we used to have one of those coolers and they’re amazing! They’re so easy to take home and clean and pack full of food instead of the hassle with the tiny truck fridges. I like all of these snacks and while reading I was like “I should eat more like this and less like the huge caramel cinnamon role I had today” 😬

  2. Yeah, I liked the idea of being able to pack the cooler full of food at home already!:) Haha well it’s hard to eat healthy when you walk into truck stops every day with Cinnabon’s around every corner!😬

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