The Pros and Cons of Hobbies

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Hobby: An activity done regularly in one’s leisure time for pleasure.

Hobbies are something that have gained more and more traction over the past while.  It seems like everyone needs to have one, or they’re almost not normal.

Do you think people in the 1700s had hobbies?  My guess is they were too busy trying to ward off new diseases and attempting to win wars.  They didn’t have that much leisure time on their hands.  But time progressed, scientists discovered new cures, new machines, new ways of dealing with the imperfections of the world.

It’s almost as if the human race was able to solve their problems and progress.  Who knew?  Now there are other issues that have risen to the surface that need to be dealt with, but somehow this century is leading a much easier life when it comes to working.

There are more people with experience that are dealing with world problems while the rest of us just work our 8 hour days, go home, and do what?

See, I think that’s where hobbies came in.  People got so bored with their lives that they needed to add a little something more (which is kind of a head scratcher, because I thought this generation was so stressed with all the busyness in their lives that they had developed more anxiety than any other generation?)

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Anyway, each individual figured out what hobby best suited their life and personality and interests, got involved in it, and started doing that as a way to unwind from a long day of work.

And I think that’s one benefit you get from having a hobby.


1. Hobbies are a Relaxant Tool

Hobbies allow our minds to relax from all the things we had to deal with/figure out at work that day.  So hobbies are somewhat of a relaxant.

To add to that, hobbies are normally low-risk projects. This means that you feel no pressure when it comes to the possibilities of failing in that project, because your life (or your bills) doesn’t depend on it!

After having done your hobby (like reading, gardening, crocheting (my personal favorite these days), golfing, sports), your mind not only feels relaxed, but it feels refreshed and capable of going to work again the next day.

2. Hobbies are a Productive Tool

I’m going to go on a wild guess here and assume that you’re good at your hobby (although, how can anyone be “good” at watching??).  Now, since you not only enjoy your hobby but are actually good at it too, it makes you feel productive and able to conquer the rest of your life (like your job, because no matter how many times people tell you your life isn’t your work…it still usually is.)

3. Hobbies are a Creative Tool

Many hobbies bring out your creative side. The side that thinks about creating or improving things to a level of immortality!

Now, we may never actually achieve something on that certain level, but our minds sure work on that level, giving us this rush of excitement that keeps those creative juices flowing.

Now that I’ve stated the things that I think are benefits of hobbies, I wanna talk about the downside.  Why?  Because everything in life has one (sorry to burst your bubble, but I’m not an optimist, so I say it the way I think it is).


1. Hobbies are a Procrastination Tool

Seriously.  Just today I was contently sitting on the truck, crocheting my fingers away when I realized I was partially doing it so I wouldn’t have to write this blog post.  It’s not because I hate writing or was dreading this particular post, I’m just good at procrastinating sometimes (it’s like a habit I’m trying desperately to break but it always somehow magically heals and comes back and bites me in the *ss again),

Anyway, hobbies do this so often.  You think about what you rather want to do, your homework, or read your book; the dishes, or the show on Netflix (I consider watching a hobby, because that’s basically the only thing people do nowadays to relax).  More often than not (if you haven’t conquered your dark side yet anyway), you’ll opt for the more pleasurable option.

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2. Hobbies are an “Escape Reality” Tool

Many of you might be thinking, “Well, isn’t this a good thing these days, what with all the cancer and pollution (and all the other horrible things happening that I personally don’t even know about)?”

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My opinion?  Escaping reality is not the best option to go for here.  After your session of zoning out and focusing on only your hobby, you come back to reality, every, single, time.  And you have to deal with reality, every, single, time.

I think it’s better to prepare yourself for the horrors of this life, make peace with it, and push through.  Don’t hide in your hobby hoping you’ll somehow escape the harsh realities of life.  Because you won’t!  Believe me, I’ve tried, and it just gets worse every time you attempt this technique.

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So there ya go.  In this particular post, the pros outweigh the cons, and I believe that hobbies can really help you deal with life, but only if you know how to balance your hobby with your life and the reality thereof.

Oh and hey, if you feel like commenting what your hobbies are these days, please do so! (I’m curious because I care. :P)

The Pros + Cons of Hobbies

The Pros + Cons of Hobbies

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  1. They can also be used to hide and not deal with personal issues leading to mental issues! It’s almost a form of medication… kinda like alcohol or drugs.
    I do think hobbies are amazing but can be used wrong!
    I know for myself I am very careful with my Netflix watching as I’m very prone to use it to avoid dealing with hurts, decisions, etc!

  2. I love hobbies. I’ve done needlepoint, cross stitch, embroidery, reading, painting, cooking, and gardening.

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