Why Patience Is Key + 4 Things You Can Do to Acquire More

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You know that feeling when you’re late for an appointment, and there’s a traffic jam? Yeah, that’s the absence of patience, and that absence makes you feel antsy. It feels awful, it gets you nowhere, and you end up feeling inadequate because it helped nothing.

And yet, we keep doing it. We keep getting annoyed and angry at situations that aren’t going as quickly as we had hoped. We are stubborn, and we are always right, so we don’t want to hear about solutions to these problems that would take up more than a certain amount of time. ¬†Things have to be done, and they have to be done NOW! The society of today has put so much pressure on getting things done in record time, that many of us get so stressed out about it we end up becoming a couch potato instead of achieving our many, many goals.

What we don’t realize, is that if we would just use some of the patience that’s hidden deep down in our soul, we could still accomplish those goals, just with a little more dignity, a little more accuracy, and a little more enjoyment.

There are so many reasons to use our patience, and if you keep reading, you’ll see just how great patience can be.


Yes, if you take time to think about whether or not you really want this or not, your decisions will be much more informed and wise. Whether it’s buying another pair of shoes, or getting another car, or eating a whole tub of ice cream, if you sit back and actually think about whether or not it’s good and wise to do, you will have fewer regrets. There are other decisions that can lead to much bigger consequences that the ones I mentioned above, ones I won’t bore you with now, but you get the idea. If you make a decision with patience rather than impatience, more often than not, you’ll be much happier with your decision in the end.

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If you are good at using your patience, you’ll get the added benefits of better health (physically and otherwise). Your muscles stay relaxed in stressful conditions, you get better insight on a long winded situation, and so on.

A study performed in 2007 showed that people with more patience were also less likely to have headaches, acne flair-ups (yay), diarrhea, and pneumonia. They also tend to be more positive, grateful, and content. Sounds pretty good right about now, huh?

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Who of us doesn’t want to have better friendships and relationships in life?! Patient people give off that kind vibe! They take time to comfort their friends, they listen intently to the stories they’ve already been told countless times. Patient people forgive you easily and cooperate willingly. They make the best friends and companions.

It’s no surprise patient people have such a good, joyful life, because for them, happiness lies much deeper than the circumstances they are given. But it’s also no surprise that there are so few patient people in this world, because you need patience to get more patience. Tough combo, I know, but everyone has that little bit of patience that’s needed to make more patience!

Now that I’ve made my point of patience basically being the glue that keeps this world together, let’s see how we can really get into having more patience. Just so you all know, I am a very impatient person, so most of these tips I will be giving you is based on research. It’s also based on the fact that I have actually tried these tips, and they help, but I am not the master of patience, nor am I close!

1. Recognize and Investigate

Try to catch the impatience in the act. Figure out how it makes you feel, physically and emotionally. This way it will be easier to stop before it gets out of hand.

2. Take Slow, Deep Breaths

Calm yourself by taking slow, deep breaths. It will force your heart rate down, therefore forcing you down.

3. Use Your Imagination

Figure out why this situation is taking longer than expected. Try to picture a scenario as to why your situation is taking longer than expected. It will give you some insight and empathy, calming you down.

4. Talk Yourself Down

And this last one is from my own personal experience. It may sound a little crazy to some of you, but just hearing someone encourage you to stay calm and patient (even if it’s the little voice in your head) will help you to believe that you can actually remain patient.

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So there you have it. This subject has been on my mind lately, so I thought I’d put it into words and try to figure out how to acquire some of my own. I hope you were blessed and helped by this, and if you get discouraged by how long it’s taking to get all that patience, just remember, it takes time (not to bug you or anything). It may get frustrating because gaining patience takes patience, but if you stick to it, I’m sure you won’t be sorry!

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