Why the Phrase “New Year, New Me!” Might be Ruining your Year

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22.  You were taught, with regard to your former way of life, to put off your old self, which is being corrupted by its deceitful desires; 23.  to be made new in the attitude of your minds; 24.  and to put on the new self, created to be like God in true righteousness and holiness.  Ephesians 4:22-24 (NIV)

I’m all for improvements (obviously, or I wouldn’t have named my blog  what I did).  But I feel like there’s so many popular phrases out there that have an impact on how we try to accomplish our goals.

And since we have just recently entered 2018, the phrase “New Year, New Me,” kept running through my mind.  And the more I thought about it, the more I saw what might be wrong with it.  Now, in my last post I said I wasn’t an optimist, but I’m also not a pessimist.  I try to balance myself between the two and be the realist.

Now the first few things that I found wrong with the phrase “New Year, New Me,” came easily to mind, while the last few were a bit more challenging.

So here it is, my opinion on what’s wrong with the phrase “New Year, New Me,”.

1. You Think You Have to be Perfect

When I think of the phrase “New Me”, my mind just wanders to the term perfection.  It’s like I have to be perfect if I’m working on the “new me”, because the word new is somehow linked to the word perfect for me.

But when I read these verses in Ephesians (printed at the top of this post), I got a different vibe.  It says that we should renew the attitude of our minds. Not our personalities or our characters or our mistakes. But the attitude!

And I like that, because it doesn’t make me feel pressured into being this impossibly perfect person all around.  I just need to change my mindset on matters, stop thinking in my old ways, and try to apply my new mindset to different areas in my life.  These verses aren’t telling me to be perfect, they’re just telling me to improve.

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2. You Fear Failure

This New Year’s phrase gives me a bit of anxiety every time I read it, because if I actually used this phrase throughout the whole year, I’d feel like a failure, time and time again.  Why?  Because nobody is perfect! But if you’re working on a new you, it kinda feels like you shouldn’t fail anymore, so in a sense, this phrase can make you feel fearful of ever trying anything again.

But see, it’s okay to make mistakes.  It doesn’t mean that you have to now do everything perfectly, drifting through life without ever screwing up again.  You can still improve, even with all the flaws.

3. You’re Obsessed with the question “Who am I?”

What is it with this though?  It’s like everyone is just stuck on this question.  It kills me!  Who cares???  Who cares if you don’t know who you are.  That’s not the point of life!

What you should be focusing on is what God wants you to do with your life.  You’ll figure out what works well and what doesn’t.  God will lead you through it all.  Have some faith, stop obsessing about yourself, and do something with your life that helps others.

And if you can’t stop asking yourself “Who am I?”, then the only person you are ever thinking about, is YOU!  Last I checked, that’s called being selfish.  You only look out for the wellfare of yourself, never thinking that maybe someone would appreciate your help a lot more than you appreciate your own help.

4. You Start to Believe that You Can Only Improve when a New Year Rolls Around

Once you fail or make a mistake (and believe me, you will (and that’s okay)), you’ll almost feel as though you ruined the whole year.  And what’s the point of trying to improve any longer if you messed it up once already anyway? Let’s just try again next year, right?

Wrong.  And I’m the kind of person that always likes starting new things on a new week, a new month, or, a new year.  If your mindset changes to this, then you’ll always push things aside, and all of a sudden, it’s five years later, and you still haven’t stopped chewing your nails.

I might be coming off as the type of peron who hates New Years, and New Years Resolutions.  And in a sense, I do!  Because somehow you always set your goals so high that you burn out in the first week of January trying to reach those goals.  Then what happens?  You get depressed and give up entirely.

I think there’s ways to have your resolutions and achieve them with flying colors.  But I also think that we often throw things out of proportion, giving us a burnout that lasts for the rest of the year, resulting in lying around on the couch watching Netflix all day, slowly throwing our lives away.

So when you think about your resolutions, remember that you don’t need to be perfect to improve.  You don’t have to turn yourself into a whole other person, and you don’t need to only think of your own needs.

It’s time to start thinking about others and helping others. It’s time to stop obsessing about ourselves!

So, make New Year’s Resolutions that benefit others, not just you, remember that it’s okay to have flaws and make mistakes.

But never give up! Persistency and consistency are key to making things happen.

But perfection is and never will be the key to improving, because human nature won’t allow it. So stop trying to force it!

Why the Phrase “New Year, New Me!” Might be Ruining Your Year

Why the Phrase “New Year, New Me!” Might be Ruining your Year

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  1. I love this! I kicked around this idea for my own blog, but I couldn’t figure out how to get the tone right without sounding “preachy.” I’m so glad you nailed it though! I totally agree with the “new year, new me” stuff. You have to be ready to make a personal change and the start of a new year doesn’t automatically make a person ready

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